Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Free to Love

The lines between what what was right and what was wrong blurred the moment I met you. The things I had been taught, the things I taught myself, all changed when I felt your electricity. In your presence each belief I held about myself somehow changed, and the world became a confusing place.

I was taught not to trust. I was taught that love comes with conditions. I was taught that religion was to be held above spirituality, and that God would be angry if I faulted.

I believed I was destined to be alone in my heart and that love was only something I could feel for others, but no one could feel for me. I believed I was unworthy of happiness and peace. I believed that you would never come.

Then you did. And I felt it all in one moment. Every moment built upon the last, and every thought exchanged only deepened my desire to know you more. Your touch released a passion in me I never knew was there, and your kiss burned your spirit into my heart. You have penetrated my my soul with your being.

You broke down all of my boundaries, and I broke all of my rules to come to you. I have never been happier in my life than when I am with you. I have never felt so free to love. Even more, I have never felt so free to love myself. I belong to no one. I don't owe anything to anyone except to be the best human being I can be to everyone, equally. And the lie I have been living up until now was unfair; to everyone, but most of all, to myself.


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