Monday, March 21, 2011

In The Evening

In the evening when I am tired
And reflect back upon the day
On all I've done and haven't
I wonder have I lost my way

What was the goal when
I abandoned my life's road
Stood at the crossing and made
The best decision I could?

Shedding so many tears
Weeping at night alone
Lived the life I had chosen
Reaping the seeds I'd sewn

I made a break. . .

If I have no expectations
Then I won't be disappointed
Feeling my path is one
That God tenderly anointed

Ease my heart dear Lord
For tonight I am feeling weak
Purpose eludes me now
Your answers I do seek

In the evening when I am tired
And the morning light so far
I wonder how long the dark
Will be until it is tomorrow.

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Inside My Soul

I lost all hope when my friend died
I lost my soul with each tear I cried
I was a shell, but to all I lied
Because I had nothing left inside

I slipped away as I felt alone
No where I went was my home
A smile I wore, but no joy in me
My shame was I had become empty

I walked the path that laid out before
With no desire inside for more
To think of them and not to be
Was the only choice for me

At night I cried for all I'd lost
My sorrow deep, my soul the cost
I lay alone in an empty bed
Closed off my heart, turned off my head

When hope stepped in I saw a light
To face my life through all my fright
And take the step to lead me home
Inside my soul, to be my own

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Faith To Fall

Standing on the edge of the abyss,
I take the leap,
Nothing more that a meek step,
Who knows how deep.

Moving at the speed of light,
The wind rushes past
My chest overwhelmed with fear
Nothing on which to grasp

Pushing the pedal to it's limit
Turn the volume high
Staying within the white street lines
Flying too fast to cry

My heart is full of fear
My blood pumps in my ears
My hands an empty grasp
The wind is rushing fast
I can't catch my breath
I'm sure to meet my death
This is the end of me
I feel I'm falling free

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