Wednesday, July 5, 2023


My father's mother Anna on the right, with her younger sister Socorro

Daddy, Daddy, pray, who are you?

My savior that I thought I knew.

In mother's arms you could not stay

She gave you life, gave you away

On her own birthday you came to be

She kissed you softly, set you free.

Of shame and guilt she carried deep

A child that she couldn't keep.

Upon your death, what did you find?

Her face of love, like yours, like mine?

My Daddy and me

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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Chahta Spirit


Lucinda Hampton Burke, my Great Great Grandmother

My people walked on dead men's tracks

With bundles of betrayal on their backs

Forced to this land, harsh and unknown

In the dusty dark plains, they made their homes,

Braced against bitter terse winds

Dignified Indigenous begin again.

Steel grey skeletons of timber stands

Rolling green and jagged lands

Past wrongs cannot be right

Survive, overcome, yet live to fight!

The seasons pass, and time wears away

The green prairie grasses bend to pray

Creeks run high and hopes hang low

Broken towns filled with rotting homes

Weathered barns and rundown farms

Rez cars and cowboy bars.

Black walnut, red cedar, and evergreen pines

Sing songs of our ancestors' joyous times.

Shining brightly under Father Sun

Our Chahta Spirit carries on.

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