Tuesday, September 3, 2019

The Poison of Euphoric Freedom

Cracking the concrete around my heart
Oozing seepage of spoiled desire,
The golden striped trail
Pulls with a fire.

Cocaine mornings, a bruised soul longing
To be fed by an asphalt diet of miles
Fill me with landscapes
Twists and trials.

Tacos and sunsets, truck stops, hotels,
Clean, white sheets and open horizons
Intoxicating as hot bourbon
Wanderlust; the sweetest poison.

My journey, insatiable and satisfying in splendid moments of euphoric freedom.
I am destined to wander this life with the sweetest addiction; travel.

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People call me "Sash" because I'm a former beauty queen in my old home town. My father used to ride in an MC which got me interested in the culture. After my last divorce I said "goodbye" to Susie Homemaker and became the naughty, biker chick I always felt inside. (Read more...)