Friday, July 25, 2014

Sweet Sweepers

Lavender asphalt in graceful sweepers float my spirit high.
Minimal input of handlebars releases my state of mind.
Blind corners fill me with faith, in the moment I create
The present; that is all there is. This curve carries my fate.
I don't know the other side where others have gone before.
I fear not my tomorrow, and I feel care no more.
Because sweeper, sweet sweepers, do carry me away.
Carry my spirit into the blind curves, living for today.

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People call me "Sash" because I'm a former beauty queen in my old home town. My father used to ride in an MC which got me interested in the culture. After my last divorce I said "goodbye" to Susie Homemaker and became the naughty, biker chick I always felt inside. (Read more...)