Friday, October 7, 2016

Broken Body

I am lost, set adrift. I am betrayed by my broken body.

I have plans. . . things to do. Everything halts.

Once again I scream in an emergency room from agonizing pain. My body breaks but my mind isn't ready to stop. My mind had things to do. My mind wants more.

Screaming and tears brings me to my knees, stopping all forward progress. I'm crushed to watch the rest of the world go on without me as I lay prisoner to my own failing body once again.

Piteous, vulnerable, broken. The bondage of weakness clamps down upon me. Plans wither and die.

Rest and heal this broken vessel in hopes to start again.


  1. Oh Sash this is beautiful in your weakness, your Spirit shines through! Even though you are down you will not be there for long! Keep the faith!

  2. Lifting you in prayer, things will get better. And remember, as tough as it is, it's all in God's time not ours. <3

  3. I'm right there with you, sister! I feel like a prisoner of my own body, with a mind set free. Why couldn't they have both met at the same time and went on a great adventure together? Who knows? Probably nobody. Life just is!


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