Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Illusion of Division

Sparkling flames toss dancing shadows
Crackling stars glisten high
Pressing darkness gives illusion
Of sun succumbing to the night

And in the starlight I can see you
You are the darkness, I am the sun
Within the firelight I can be you
Because we all are made of one

You knew me long before I met you
When you exhaled my lonely sigh
My song you sang from deep within you
Your tear slipped from mine own eye

No single part in singularity
No individual of the whole
You and I are strung together
By golden thread connecting all

Lightening born from earthen solid
Shatters Spring's tempestuous sky
I am the bird, you are the beetle
Your last breath was my first cry

We are the same, we are the every
To each, to all belong the sum
Within the one, correspondent
As flames and darkness are but one


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