Monday, April 18, 2016

If Marriage Were a Motorcycle

We came into the curve too quick
Road of scattered gravel was slick
Spring rains had once poured
Such dangers we ignored
Until the rear tire started to kick

The high side came as a surprise
I couldn't believe my eyes
We came in too hot
Perhaps we forgot
This risk comes with such a high price

We landed apart roadside
Ashamed, you went to hide
Covered in blood
I laid in the mud
And screamed, shouted and cried

Neither picked up the bike
I chose to take a hike
Left you alone
To face the unknown
Behaving quite childlike

We knew coming together was key
The end it needn't be
Picked up the parts
Of our broken hearts
And pieced back the shattered debris

So we'll turn the key again
Take the lesson from where we've been
Learn what it showed
Look to the new road
And from the crash begin again

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About Sash

People call me "Sash" because I'm a former beauty queen in my old home town. My father used to ride in an MC which got me interested in the culture. After my last divorce I said "goodbye" to Susie Homemaker and became the naughty, biker chick I always felt inside. (Read more...)