Wednesday, July 5, 2023


My father's mother Anna on the right, with her younger sister Socorro

Daddy, Daddy, pray, who are you?

My savior that I thought I knew.

In mother's arms you could not stay

She gave you life, gave you away

On her own birthday you came to be

She kissed you softly, set you free.

Of shame and guilt she carried deep

A child that she couldn't keep.

Upon your death, what did you find?

Her face of love, like yours, like mine?

My Daddy and me

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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Chahta Spirit


Lucinda Hampton Burke, my Great Great Grandmother

My people walked on dead men's tracks

With bundles of betrayal on their backs

Forced to this land, harsh and unknown

In the dusty dark plains, they made their homes,

Braced against bitter terse winds

Dignified Indigenous begin again.

Steel grey skeletons of timber stands

Rolling green and jagged lands

Past wrongs cannot be right

Survive, overcome, yet live to fight!

The seasons pass, and time wears away

The green prairie grasses bend to pray

Creeks run high and hopes hang low

Broken towns filled with rotting homes

Weathered barns and rundown farms

Rez cars and cowboy bars.

Black walnut, red cedar, and evergreen pines

Sing songs of our ancestors' joyous times.

Shining brightly under Father Sun

Our Chahta Spirit carries on.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Driving On a Road

I can't count the times I've crossed the Continental Divide. The Rocky Mountains, the Lincoln Highway, the New Mexico desert . . . The expanse of the Canyons of the Ancients is as large as my lonesomeness. Driving, but there are no destinations. There are only places to pass through on my way to somewhere that no longer exists. My only destination is the road.

I count the towns as they go by. I give way to the rise and fall of the asphalt. My mind wanders while my foot presses the gas, hands on the wheel, rain on the windshield, tears in my eyes. I miss a sense of belonging. No matter how far I go I can never find my way home again. I have no home to return to. My only home is the road which I'm damned to wander.

We are all on a road. Each on a journey seeking temporary comforts, momentary peace, slivers of serenity, connection, belonging. You are rushing through your day. I am driving on a road.

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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

The Poison of Euphoric Freedom

Cracking the concrete around my heart
Oozing seepage of spoiled desire,
The golden striped trail
Pulls with a fire.

Cocaine mornings, a bruised soul longing
To be fed by an asphalt diet of miles
Fill me with landscapes
Twists and trials.

Tacos and sunsets, truck stops, hotels,
Clean, white sheets and open horizons
Intoxicating as hot bourbon
Wanderlust; the sweetest poison.

My journey, insatiable and satisfying in splendid moments of euphoric freedom.
I am destined to wander this life with the sweetest addiction; travel.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Illusion of Division

Sparkling flames toss dancing shadows
Crackling stars glisten high
Pressing darkness gives illusion
Of sun succumbing to the night

And in the starlight I can see you
You are the darkness, I am the sun
Within the firelight I can be you
Because we all are made of one

You knew me long before I met you
When you exhaled my lonely sigh
My song you sang from deep within you
Your tear slipped from mine own eye

No single part in singularity
No individual of the whole
You and I are strung together
By golden thread connecting all

Lightening born from earthen solid
Shatters Spring's tempestuous sky
I am the bird, you are the beetle
Your last breath was my first cry

We are the same, we are the every
To each, to all belong the sum
Within the one, correspondent
As flames and darkness are but one

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Saturday, October 6, 2018

A poem from my broken part

I am
Broken, battered,
Rubbish tossed,
Isolated, alone.
On a highway,
On rolling wheels,
I am free.
Isolation abolished.
Connection to Infinity.
Pain released.
But in our bed
Ice. Ice cold
Hard slab of
I am useless
When I am empty
Nothing to give
Abandon the rubbish
That I am.

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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Meditation Of My Two Wheels

I long for strange roads
And to find myself
In the unfamiliar

For in the familiar
I hold, yet I find
Those things I already know

I long for strange faces
Sharing their own truth
Their roads I shan't travel

Roads that serve their purpose
Long roads of wisdom
I wish to bring inside

I ache for long roads
Black sparkles dancing
Droning, groaning asphalt

No destination other
Than the road itself
Deliver me nowhere

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