Sunday, November 4, 2012

Loss and Gain

He gave up so much for me. Practically everything he owned. He risked every relationship in his life and only lost a few. He lost his integrity, he broke his vows, he broke his commitment to himself. He did it for me, for love, for a chance of happiness.

I gave up everything for a chance to love him. I retained some material items, most of which I found I never really wanted after all. But I lost more than I bargained for.

I lost my daughter.
I lost my integrity.
I lost my good name.
I lost my God.

Together we've found so much. Joy, love, truth. Best of all, we've found ourselves. The real people, the frightened children, the hungry adolescents, the unfulfilled man and woman that lie underneath. Many times we find pain boiling up from the depths, oozing out of the rim to overwhelm us. Struggle as we might, it can be, from time to time, inescapable.

I love him. I love my life and inspite of the pain, it has certainly all been worth it.


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