Monday, October 8, 2012

Path of Understanding

Where am I supposed to put the feelings
That confuse my heart and fill my teary eyes
Who's to say I've understood any of them
Days of joy, or those of sad goodbyes

I feel my way along this path I'm on
Try to do my best for me and fellow men
Try to make sense of what I'm doing daily
And make sense of all the places I have been

I make mistakes, this fact, it is for certain
Though I do things right; this is true as well
I stood tall when I felt like breaking backwards
And I got up again the many times I fell

It seems I don't know what today is filled with
Until my tomorrows have passed into the setting sun
To look back and make sense of all my doings
And understand now from where I had begun

If peace is understanding, or visa versa
I know I still have a path to crawl
Because today I have neither within me
But one day I hope to possess it all


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