Monday, March 21, 2011

In The Evening

In the evening when I am tired

And reflect back upon the day
On all I've done and haven't
I wonder have I lost my way

What was the goal when
I abandoned my life's road
Stood at the crossing and made
The best decision I could?

Shedding so many tears
Weeping at night alone
Lived the life I had chosen
Reaping the seeds I'd sewn

I made a break. . .

If I have no expectations
Then I won't be disappointed
Feeling my path is one
That God tenderly anointed

Ease my heart dear Lord
For tonight I am feeling weak
Purpose eludes me now
Your answers I do seek

In the evening when I am tired
And the morning light so far
I wonder how long the dark
Will be until it is tomorrow.


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