Thursday, May 19, 2011


Drenched with thirst
For your kiss
To breathe your breath
To chew your words
And swallow them like chocolate
Smooth, sweet, satiating

Lust claws at me
From an unknown depth
Ravenous for your touch
Your hands,
Your mouth,
Your kiss,
Your tongue
To breathe your words into me

My heart is trembling
For your hands
To wash over me
Exploring my outside
Revealing me inside

Look into my eyes
Let me look into yours
I see the abyss of secrets
Thoughts, ideas, desires
Kiss me with your ideas
Breathe into me your dreams
Lick my tongue and taste my desire

Touch me everywhere


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People call me "Sash" because I'm a former beauty queen in my old home town. My father used to ride in an MC which got me interested in the culture. After my last divorce I said "goodbye" to Susie Homemaker and became the naughty, biker chick I always felt inside. (Read more...)