Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sing to me

I heard it in one word
You washed over me
As rain must hit the ground
As rivers to the sea

I heard not the words you said
I heard the sound you emanate
A song my soul had sung
My mind began to salivate

Sing more words
The way you do
Without a voice
They still come through
Sing to me
I hear your song
For your next verse
My heart does long

You love the words as I
Not spoken but in pen
They fill me deep inside
They flood me from within

Like your kiss
When you're inside
My mouth, my teeth
No where to hide
You feel me shake
You wear my skin
My body aches
Deep deep within

Sing your song
I long to view
Inside of you
Let me in
Your mind so deep
I want to hear
The songs you keep


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