Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Asking for Myself

I never knew that I could ask for something for myself.
My needs were met by me alone, often pushed back on a shelf.

You rode away, my heart broke; I didn't know where you were headed,
And if that journey led back to me, or if our love you had regretted.

How was I to tell you just how badly that I needed you,
To hold me close and reassure that your love for me is really true.

I don't know how to believe in another human being.
I don't know in my heart that believing is seeing.

To ask for something for myself seems so damned selfish!
But I know no other way to relieve the prison of my anguish.

All I can offer to you is the truth that lies inside,
I promised you I would ask before I run and hide.

So here I am asking for you to hold me tight,
I have to ask, I have to ask,
even if asking isn't right.


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