Monday, January 27, 2014

It Did Happen

You say, "That never happened."
You declare my words a lie
For whatever reason
Perhaps you don't remember
From your drunken, drugged stupor
Perhaps you want to deny
What you did
What you allowed
Because you find your actions
So distasteful.

I find you actions distasteful,
Unacceptable, uncalled for,
Painful, heinous, hideous,
You allowed men to rape your daughter,
You denied it happened.
You took their side.
You called me a whore.


It became reality
Because of you.
You whored me out.
You were my pimp.
I realize now it wasn't for money
Because if it was for money you had other ways.
It was for power.
It was to destroy me.
You envied me
It ate at you.

I'm not a whore.

You're a monster.

You were wrong.
And it did happen.
It did happen.

It did happen and you're wrong.


  1. Tina, I really don't understand how people let this happen to their children. So very sad. I could never understand or fathom what your childhood was like. Reading your words makes me so thankful for the love and example my mom and dad provided me. God bless you for being strong enough to share the painful memories. ~Curt


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