Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Grasp the bars
Kick through gears
Let the wind
Dry my tears

My rolling tires
Ride so far
Take me away
But not the scar

The pain inside
I left behind
Cleared away
From my mind

Though miles heal
Wounds you made
The scar you left
Just won't fade

Scratches in
My paint & chrome
No matter how
Far I roam

Scars remain


  1. I thought I felt free. I just felt comfortable. The winds would roar at times & I would hold on for dear life until those storm winds would die down. Then the comfort could return again. I knew it would return again, it always did. I kept growing, learning more about myself. I thought my relationship was growing too. I can only truly know how I feel. The wind is blowing hard again. I'm in the middle of a storm. I'm being held in a cage this time. It's for my own protection. Its not a good feeling. I know this know. I'm an optimist. He's a pessimist. The storm is trying to break me. I will not let it. But how do I break free? Now that I see it all clearly. I want to be bathed in the light of sunshine.

  2. Mr. Whiskers,

    Please start reading this blog from the beginning. It spans back to the beginning of my divorce. It chronicles many of the things you're going through right now.



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