Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tortured with Poison

"Such a sad life I've had!"
The cry so many times to pass my lips.
So unfairly treated, painfully neglected,
Abused, child alone, unprepared for the world.

A world so cruel, with men who used me,
"All men are hateful! They stab my heart!"
Abused, cheated, injured.
To never trust again, carried my sorrow.

My sorrow painfully burdened my shoulders,
Burned my heart, hardened my purpose.
"Why should I love, when no one loves me?"
Why should happiness evade me so?

Happiness was mine to have, all along.
Had I looked I'd have seen how wrong,
It was to hate with poison strong,
To carry this burden, for Oh! so long.

Let it go, set sorrow to sail,
Goodbye to hurt with one huge wail,
Left behind, don't tell the tale,
Mending my heart, though so frail.

Fractured from my own abuse,
Holding hate I thought I'd use,
Protected me but made recluse,
It was only love that I did lose.


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