Saturday, April 28, 2012

He Never Set Foot In The House

I remember. . .

The sidewalks were all broken,
Under heavy branches of green trees,
Geraniums grew in every yard,
Yes, that's where you left me.

Your truck parked at the sidewalk,
I thought you had come at last,
To free me from her prison,
In which I'd been cast.

Your truck was God's own chariot,
Meant to carry me away,
But instead you took my brothers,
And told me I must stay.

I begged and pleaded with you,
"She hurts me all the time!
I'll be a good girl Daddy!
Please make your home mine."

You promised you'd come back for me,
Tried to tell me why you came,
Told me she wouldn't let me go,
And how you loved me just the same.

You drove your truck down shady streets,
And left me in that Hell.
I learned that no one cared what she did,
There was no one I could tell.

If my mother hates me so much,
And my father doesn't care,
I must not be worth anything.
Why did God even put me here?

You never came back for me.
She ruined my life with hate.
I'll never love and trust again.
It was useless for me to wait.


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