Saturday, February 19, 2011


I looked out from the bluff
Into the setting sun
I felt so old inside
Even though I was so young

I had trudged the road so long
With no one at my side
My earliest memories of
The many nights I cried

I missed my Father. My earliest memory is of missing him.

At 21 years old
I had lived a million years
Had drawn my heart inside
Washed away with all the tears

I looked into the sea
Planned on my return
That day upon the bluff
Unrelentingly I yearned

To come back the person I dreamed I could be
To live in a pink house with a garden by the sea

To write about my life
And the people I had known
Tell the story of the girl
Who started out alone

To live my days in peace
Tend to my garden fine
To smile looking back
Upon the years that had been mine

I want to go back one day to Cambria.


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